Abelya Tourism

Abelya Tourism is Turkey's leading specialist tourism company in ecotourism, adventure tours and cultural tours, for both inbound and outbound destinations.

Abelya Tourism is an officially licenced travel agency, operating with group A license nr: 3781 by TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism and a member of TURSAB (Association of Travel Agencies of Turkey) since 1997.

The cofounder and the director of Abelya Tourism, Mr. Mesut Inan is a botanist with a degree and PhD in ecology and environmental effects in Turkish forests. Mr. Inan did his internship in England at Kew Gardens. At present Mr. Inan teaches at Marmara University as a part time lecturer.

Abelya Tourism has 16 years of experience in the travel industry both in Turkey and abroad, specialized in eco-tourism, adventure tours, hiking, trekking, backpacking, mountaineering and scuba diving. Abelya Tourism team consists of well experienced and English / German / French speaking guides who are specially trained in adventure and eco-tourism. Abelya Tourism guides have a profound knowledge in archeology, history and Turkish culture.

Abelya Tourism tours are carefully coordinated by the experienced team to provide you with the most rewarding travel experience of your lifetime at affordable costs. With over 200 itineraries, there is definitely something for everyone. Join us with your ambition to learn and your desire for adventure and eco-tourism and we will offer you several custom made tours to meet your specific wishes.

If you're looking for adventure in a historically and culturally diverse setting, Turkey is the place you're most welcome.

In Turkey, you may find history and natural beauty next to each other where everything awaits you under the brilliant sun.... Turkey is the ideal travel destination for you.

As an international tour operator, Abelya Tourism renders services for tour operators, travel agencies, travel shops, group organizers, companies and individuals.

As Abelya Tourism, we are dedicated to provide the best in travel services for our customers and above all, we are fully committed to the protection of the environment. On our tours, we take great care to preserve Turkey's wilderness, flora and fauna and encourage our customers to do likewise.

Please take a look at our web site home page which provides you further and detailed information for our tours.


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