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Istanbul being the only city in the world which is located on two continents is a wonderful mosaic of ancient and modern times. With its remarkable contrasts Istanbul has infinite activities on offer. Whether it is enjoying the delicious Turkish cuisine, visiting the royal palaces, taking a stroll along the mystic Boshphorus, you will always find something to do to your liking. The friendly activity in the streets will make you feel truly welcome and will invite you to enjoy the city into the late hours. We have put an interesting choice of tours together for your stay before, during and after in Istanbul. Please refer to our website for further information.


With its rich past Istanbul has so many sights to see and enjoy. For instance the world famous Topkapi Palace, part of the UNESCO World Heritage site, the beautiful royal residence where the Ottoman sultans lived their intrigate lives. In the immediate surroundings there is the Blue Mosque with its blue Iznik tiles and six unique minarets. From there the Hagia Sofia is at a walking distance, a great marvel of architecture constructed as a basilica in the 6th century.

The Bosphorus divides the city in the European part and the Asian part. Hop on a boat and admire the beautiful mansions, little harbours and the great skyline of Istanbul. Be on two continents in one day by crossing one of the Bosphorus bridges, on either side there is always a nice little restaurant to be found which serves tasty Turkish food.

Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic and still greatly admired by the Turkish nation, lived in the Dolmabahce Palace which is a great treasure to be visited. Walk through the palace with endless antiquities on display and admire the astonishing 4,5 ton chandelier.

Shopping can be done almost all over the world, but shopping in Istanbul is in a whole different dimension. The Grand Bazar is a covered shopping center with nearly 4000 shops where you can purchase your souvenirs and do not skip the Spice Bazar, the combinations of the colours and the scent of the spices will let you drift along from shop to shop unable to make a choice.

Two continents, two bridges, endless beauty join together in the land of Turkey


If you would like to enjoy Turkey in a bigger perspective then we can offer you tours to sights of great cultural and historical interest.

Bursa, as being the former capital of the Ottoman Empire, still breaths the grandeur of old days gone by which shows in the Green Mosque, the Silk market and the covered bazaar.

Cappadocia means "The land of the beautiful horses". What makes Cappadocia so exceedingly strange are the twisted billowing forms found in the rocks, forming ream landscape. Thick layers of volcanic tufa forming rock pinacles, which were then hewn out by man into unique evocative monuments. The area is dotted with stone pyramids, wierd cones created by nature. Early Christians built churches and monasteries into these stone pyramids and weird cones which you certainly will have a chance to visit.

Ephesus is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. With its marble street, antique theatre, library of Celsus, terrace houses and the temples you will find yourself in a time warp back to the Roman era. In the vicinity the house of Virgin Mary is to be visited. It is believed that Mary, mother of Jesus, was taken to this stone house by Saint John and she lived there until her Assumption.
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