Abelya Congress

Abelya Congress Management Department

Abelya team of Conference Management Department is well aware that organizations, congresses, seminars and symposium have “development, progress, delivery and evaluation” stages and that they are mainly based on interactive human relationships.

Therefore, our project managers meticulously plan all the organization stages of national and international meetings knowing that a good organization will enable the participants to concentrate on their areas of expertise.

We know that our customers prefers to cooperate with a company that continually improves itself to achieve better results for their clientele.

Thus, when we are at work, we always keep in mind that a meeting is also a platform to show the new trends and technologies.

What is good for our clients is good for us!

Product profile
  • Congress
  • Symposium
  • Seminar
  • Conference
  • Courses

Organized for

Public and Private Sector Companies / Corporations,  
National, Regional and International Associations
  • Budgeting
  • Premilinary financing
  • Venue selection
  • Logistic planning and decoration
  • Accommodation management
  • Management of speakers and guest program
  • Planning and management scientific program
  • Planning and organization of social events
  • Public relations and promotional activities
  • Media relations
  • Setting-up  web sites equipped with online data collection modüle
  • Design and distribution of printed material (announcements, program, abstract boks, etc.)
  • Prepation of international congress offfers and introduction kits
  • Planning and procurement of temporary staff force (host, hostess, trasnlator, guide, etc.)
  • Planning and operation of technical visits and Tours
  • Secretariat
  • Data security and archiving
  • Reporting

Corporate Event Management

You are a busy professional in charge of an exclusive event, corporate meetings and/or group travel arrangements, for which you know exactly what is necessary.
You do not have sufficient time and/or resources to take care of every detail of the meeting.
Your schedule is very busy, preparation time in between activities and meetings is very short and you do not have sufficient staff to deal with your event.
Your only need is another “you”.
Call us and let the other “you” plan your event : our professional team takes care of all the details for you, just the same as you would do!

Product profile
  • Corporate travel
  • Dealer and user meetings
  • Product and launching meetings
  • Training meetings
  • End-of period meetings
  • Incentive and motivation meetings
  • Individual and group Tours

Organized for
Public and private sector organizations.

  • Concept creation and communication consultancy
  • Performance, show, road show and concert organizations
  • Stage and site decoration
  • Individual and group hotel room reservations
  • Technical and technological systems
  • Social event organization at restaurants and special locations
  • Assistant personnel procurement
  • Road, sea and air transport service
  • Multimedia presentaion and performance projects
  • IT services
  • Coordination
  • Budgeting
  • Reporting

For international operations Abelya team prepares the destination suggestions in detail according to the specifications and expectations of your group. All details related to participation, as well as special programs are organized according to the program of the meeting of  the group.

Our team will create a wonderful experience for your group, leaving behind beautiful memories that last a lifetime!

Sport Events Management

Are not sporting events the way to bring together so many people through their passion?

If your answer to this question is yes, you probably also understand the need for a solid and professional organization, planning and coordination of the activities, in terms of logistics, finances and marketing.
We have the ability to blend a passion for sports and we render the required services for the coordination of national and international sports events.

Here are some examples:

  • Preparing proposals and promotional kits for national and international sports organizations
  • Budgeting
  • Venue sourcing
  • Logistics planning and decoration
  • Accommodation management
  • Service management for competitors, officials, referees and the press
  • Registration system management
  • Social event planning and organization
  • Sponsorship activities
  • E-solutions
  • Mobile applications
  • Design and distribution of printed materials
  • Contest equipment supply
  • Planning and provision of technical and technological infrastructure
  • Supply of manpower planning
  • Technical and planning sightseeing trips
  • Secretariat
  • Relations with the media
  • Data security and archiving
  • Reporting

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